History of Angel Guitars

The concept of Angel Guitars was formed in the summer of 2001 by Duncan Maclean, a financial adviser and an amateur musician for over 40 years. He bought his first Gibson Les Paul 30 years ago and has been an avid collector even since. The business commenced during the following autumn with the assistance of two friends.

Brian Ness a keen amateur musician formerly from the insurance and banking profession, now president of his own computer consultancy practice in the USA provides sourcing and shipping expertise on products and Robbie Gladwell, a professional musician, luthier, and guitar teacher contributes his expertise to final set up and shipping. Robbie who is a trained maker of stringed musical instruments acts as a consultant to many companies in the music industry and has been the demonstrator for Gibson guitars in the U.K. and worldwide for a number of years. He is also a well known music journalist and has a regular column in 'Guitarist' magazine. He is known in the business as 'Dr Robert'. Robbie has his own workshops and has built, repaired and customised guitars for some of the World's leading guitarists. Robbie has played and recorded with many well known artists such as BB King, Suzi Quatro and Steve Harley. He is a regular contributor to the Guitarist Magazine, is Gibson trained and over many years has been involved with the Gibson guitar clinics both in the UK and USA. Robbie is listed in the famous Who’s Who of rock and pop music.

Like many serious guitar collectors Maclean became increasingly frustrated at the limited stock of guitars to be found in the average music store not to mention a lack of bespoke service.

Few if any Historic or Custom Shop guitars were to be found so Angel Guitars has now become the premier stockist of these fine instruments.

All our Historic and Custom Shop guitars are sourced and hand selected in the USA for build quality, tone, woods and finish. We offer a bespoke service not only to the serious collector but also the professional and amateur musician.





It is our policy to source and provide good quality instruments, which are all hand picked, whether they are inexpensive guitars for the beginner or expensive custom shop guitars for the serious collector.

All our instruments are professionally set-up by our guitar technician Robbie Gladwell, who also offers a full repair service including custom set up, fret dressing, re-fretting and refinishing.

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