All of our service work is carried out at “Dr. Robert’s” guitar surgery based in the Suffolk countryside.

The workshop, which is dedicated solely to quality guitar service and repair, is manned by Robbie Gladwell and his assistants. All kinds of work from simple personal set up to complex damage repair can be undertaken here.

Regular service work includes :

1) Intonation adjustment.
2) Action adjustment and set up.
3) Pick up adjustment including pole settings
4) Fingerboard cleaning, levelling and nut slot cutting.
5) Truss rod adjustment
6) Electrical component service and set up
7) Bespoke custom set up

Service work starts at £65.00


More comprehensive repairs are :

8) Fret dressing and replacement
9) Elimination of finish scratches and “dings.”
10) Repair of body cracks.
11) Bridge replacement and reinforcement.
12) Neck re-setting and warp removal.
13) Repair of headstock damage and tuner replacement.
14) Tremolo adjustment and service
15) Pick-up repair and replacement


Comprehensive repairs start at £85.00

In addition, we are able to offer custom re-finishing work to a very high standard :

16) Neck lacquer re-spraying.
17) Body re-finishing and colouring.
18) Repair or replacement of body binding.
19) Removal and re-spraying of entire instrument finish.

All work is undertaken at very reasonable rates with price quotes available upon request.


Custom re-finish, priced per job


Please call for more information regarding the services above. 

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